Family matters are, by nature, emotionally difficult; what I can do is listen and help you understand what’s going to happen, when, and how best to prepare for it.

Family Matters Handled By William O’Leary

The majority of the family cases I handle involve divorce and separation. Litigation is sometimes required. Mediation is also a possibility.  The one involves the courts and a trial, the other a meeting with a mediator. I will work with you to determine which is what you need.  A family with children requires careful division so as not to harm the children.  I work very hard to make sure the children end up being treated well.

Approaches to Family Matters

In divorce the marriage contract is broken.  I will help you maintain your property, stabilize the futures of you children, tell you what to expect,  and have a good understanding of your options going forward, all with as much dignity as possible.